Leonard Cohen – Various Positions, 1984

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Leonard Cohen – Various Positions, 1984. I love early Leonard Cohen, but I adore his voice from this album and onwards.
As he says “My voice has gotten very very deep over the years and seems even to be deepening. I thought it was because of 50,000 cigarettes and several swimming pools of whiskey that my voice has gotten low. But I gave up smoking a couple of years ago and it’s still getting deeper…My voice really started to change around 1982. It started to deepen and I started to cop to the fact that it was deepening.” I remember quite vividly “dance to the end of love’ around 1985 when I was 11 years old. I didn’t really fancy the song back then, it was part a compilation album ( “Hits 3” I think) that somebody got me as a present. I use to play “Bring on the dancing horses” by Echo and the Bunnymen, “She sells Sanctuary” by the Cult, “All You Zombies” by the Hooters etc
Every song on that album but “Dance me to the End of love” 😸. Eventually I came across this and I bought it many years after when I was able to appreciate it more, and it stayed with me and it will stay with me for a long time.

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