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I am starting a supper club

Anybody that knows me well have tasted my food. I am always the one that will step in when it comes to cooking, BBQs, Christmas parties with stuffed ducks and Easters  in Buenos Aires with Patagonian lamb Greek style. You want somebody to cook? I’m your man!

I am in love with food, I like to cook, I like to eat good food and if you love food London is the place to be! I feel that I should give it a try to bring real homemade Greek food to this city and make your bellies happy 😉

For the past 4 years, I’ve found a friend and an ally in the Kitchen and her name is Julie (check out her twitter ). We always worked as a team and we always deliver. So now it’s time for the next step. We are starting a supper club in London! (Lot’s of people ask me what is a supper club, check it out on Wikipedia )Supper Freek is the name and we are supper excited! Our goal? To offer good old grandma’s food from both countries in an unpretentious way. It’s a mix of French and Greek cuisine and the menu is full dishes it’s very hard to find in London.

On the 19th of July 2014 we are gonna have our first ever Supper Freek and we are both very excited, you can book your spot at edible experiences here

Long live Supper Freek!